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Yes, in Russia all Drozds full black!

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MP-661K Drozd CO2 machine pistol

This CO2 SubMachinegun, made by Baikal, has become very popular. Made from steel and ABS plastic, with military-style design it can fire bursts of .177 steel BBs at 600 RPM! Electronic firing mechanism provides easy and short trigger pull, also enable to control burst length and firerate. The mission of this site is to concentrate most information about Drozd, you can find over the Internet
Warning: Drozd in not a toy! It shoots .177 caliber steel BB's at very high speed and may cause heavy injures or death!


08.04.2005 Unfortunately, I had not update the site for a long period and now the information is heavy outdated.

The funs of Drozd BB machinegun (this thing is NOT an airsoft!) goes far away with modifications of nearly anything of the gun: from external look to firepower upgrades.

There are several common ways to make your gun even more fun.
1 Firepower upgrades - extended barrels (usually from cheap spring-piston rifles), main valve modifications for increasing gas flow, external pressure supply (usually from a paintball CO2 or HPA tank).
2 Upgrades of circuit board - increased rate of fire (up to 1200 RPM), unlimited burst length (actual with external pressure supply), increased solenoid power to increase amount of gas.
3 Upgrades of an external design - for example make Drozd looks like M41 pulse rifle from 'Aliens' or stormtroopers E11, or something else.
4 Upgrades of magazine - to increase amount of pellets, to allow shooting lead BB's.
5 Sights - red dots, lasers, optics - sure, you know!

This is only the short list of modifications, you can make with Drozd!

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