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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who producing MP-661K Drozd?
Drozd is designed and produced since 2002 by Russian factory Izhevskiy Mekhanicheskiy Zavod, known as Baikal

Is it true, that drozd can fire bursts?
This is main feature of this gun drozd can fire bursts up to 6 BBs with firerate 600RPM (round per minute)

If max burst length only 6 rounds, what can I do for a longer burst?
Quickly pressing the trigger just after burst will result new burst of six rounds. But initial BB velocity will be lower because CO2 quickly cools down

If i stop pressing a trigger before burst of 6 shots completed, will be shooting instantly interrupted?
Yes, drozd will stop shooting instantly

How long remain cells, producing power to firing mechanism?
On my own 6 Varta alkaline cells still OK for year of shooting! Buy it once, you really may forgot about cells for a very long period, spreading money only at CO2 cylinders and BBs

How powerfull it shoots?
The power of all CO2 guns highly depended by the temperature of propellant. With T=20C drozd pumps out BBs with initial speed 165-170m\s (approx 500fps). If it isnt sound for you, just imagine: it enough for devastate glass bottles at distances up to 25 meters, easy penetrate through aluminum cans and one side of plastic bottles, remain heavy dings on solid metal objects and produce BIG yellow sparks in contact with concrete! In fact, drozd has firepower higher, than average CO2 BB gun.

Magazine capacity?
30 BBs. Can be boosted up to 35 by installing new spring with less number of coils and shorter slider

Will drozd try to fire, when magazine depleted?
Yes, EM-hammer will continue open a valve, producing dry shots and spending CO2 from cartridge drozd doesnt have any magazine load detectors

Can drozd shooting lead round pellets or not?
In fact, Drozd has steel rifled barrel and lead BBs can be loaded in to magazine. But works with it not good lead shots smashing inside magazine by a part of CO2, coming through it and recently jam the barrel. Deformed pellets cant be removed from barrel without cleaning rood and has bad accuracy, if shooted out

And what about accuracy?
At 10 meters with using steel BBs spread is about 35mm. For better accuracy diabolo-shaped lead pellets can be used, but loaded into magazine only one before each shot. With this drozd has accuracy 8mm at 10 meters close to competition pistols!

Why a gun, designed for shooting BBs has a rifled barrel?
Baikal already have automated lines for producing rifled barrels for lead pellet airguns, and to achieve lower drozd cost install on it standard rifled barrel, without need to made new production line

What kind of power source using drozd?
Drozd uses standard 12g CO2 cylinders, in Russia also avaible modification, which can use smaller 8g cylinders, standard remains from USSR times

Shots count per 1 cylinder?
In full auto mode per 1 12g cylinder drozd can pump out up to 90 shots. In single shot mode counts of full power shots will be lower and about 55, but they are more powerfull, than in bursts because of higher CO2 temperature

Does drozd have any recoil?
Recoil is very low, I may say that the drozd dont have any recoil

If firing bursts, CO2 quickly cools down, muzzle energy also must be go down?
Yes, its true. But for overcoming loses of power designers install big pre-vaporizing chamber just above CO2 cylinder and limits burst length by 6. Pre-vaporizing chamber contains CO2 enough to power several shoots without need to vaporize liquid phase of CO2 and with burst length limitation all six shots has practically equivalent power. But any way, repeating bursts will result lower shots power but greater amount of shots per 1 cylinder

Can be drozd used for a self-defense?
No, it isnt designed for it! Efficiency of ALL CO2 guns against humans is low it can apply a huge damage or injures, but cant stop the man, already attacking you! And always remember laws and think before using it for a self-defense, if you really sure to do this

Can be drozd used to kill someone?
You are really sure to do this? You must be a real maniac! 8-(|

How sounds shooting from drozd?
The sound is loud and heavy because of muzzle crown design. Barrel has an 11mm pipe on the end, which pilot compressed CO2 forward and produce heavy low frequency loud sound. When shooting in open locations, sound of burst alerts peoples in radius up to 100 meters!

And what about silencer for drozd?
In many countries using silencers on weapons disabled by the law. But export version of drozd, as far as I know, certified as a toy and silencer can be used on it. It can be simply made from a PVC pipe, epoxy and plastic

How sturdy the construction of the gun?
Drozd made from hi quality impact plastic and steel and very sturdy. Broke it isnt easy task, if you dont try this specially

Are there any drozds in wooden stock?
Yes, it exists. But costs much greater than usual plastic construction and its production is limited

Can be drozd used for hunting a pests?
Yes, but it isnt efficient, like many other airguns. Steel BBs has low accuracy and low weight against lead pellets, because effective hunting distance limited at 7-8 meters, 15 max with a part of fortune

Can I shooting drozd in office?
Yes, but then you must organize effective trap for BBs, remembering that they producing very powerfull ricochet impacting solid objects!

Can I install optics or red-dot sights on drozd?
Yes, drozd has a short scope rail just after fixed open sight

And what about laser sight?
Yes, but with some troubles, because drozd doesnt have looking forward barrel end, under what usually installing laser and you must find another place for it

How many it costs?
Average cost of drozd is about $200 U.S. Dollars

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